Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Boat Drinks! - The Mixtape - Vol.5

"...Holy Flaps!..." Nick Frost

Matt Berry – “Introduction”
The Tape Beatles - “Remain Quiet and Passive” (excerpt)
Lee & Herring – “Fist of Fun Introduction” (excerpt)
Nick Frost & Simon Pegg – “Shaun of the Dead outtakes” (excerpt)
Flip Wilson – “Geraldine on The David Frost Show” (excerpt)
Deadly Avenger – “We Took Pelham”
Flip Wilson – “Geraldine on The David Frost Show” (excerpt)
Mos Dub – “Johnny Too Beef”
DJ Shadow – “Def Surrounds Us” (excerpt)
Al Pacino – excerpt from “Heat”
Negativland – “Announcement”
50 Pence – “In Da Pub”
NWA – “Straight Out Of Compton” (Edit)
Pablo – “Turn The Page”
Lionel Morton – “Fearless Fred’s Amazing Animal Band” (excerpt)
U.N.K.L.E. – “Lonely Souls” (Boat Drinks! Re-Edit)
The Tape Beatles – “Deeper”
Al Pacino – excerpt from “The Devil’s Advocate”
Brad Pitt – excerpt from Tyler’s Speech in “Fight Club”
DJ Yoda – “He’s A Nutbag”
Chris Farley & David Spade – “excerpt from “Tommy Boy”
Kid Koala – “Dinner With Yoda”
Flip Wilson – “Geraldine on The David Frost Show” (excerpt)
Rolling Stones – “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” (Soulwax Mix)
Nick Frost & Simon Pegg – “Shaun of the Dead outtakes” (excerpt)
Cassetteboy – “Shitting In A Tin Can”
Gil Scott-Heron vs. Jamie xx – “NY Is Killing Me” (Instrumental)
The Chemical Brothers – “The Devil Is In The Beats”
Gil Scott-Heron – “Parents (Interlude)”
Jimi Hendrix – “EXP (Skit)”
Derek & Clive – “Hello Colin”
Ted Shred – “Lord Of The Rings vs. Nubian Cracker Beat”
Ted Shred – “Rolfs Vogelhochzeit vs. Nubian Cracker Beat”
Magnetic Man – “Flying Into Tokyo”
Sylvester Stallone – excerpt from “Rocky Balboa”
Adam Buxton – “…Shitter… Crappier…”
Jaydiohead – “99 Anthems”
Rich Colour – “Annie Thing”
Faithless – “Spiders Crocodiles And Krypton”
Primal Scream – “I’m Losing More Than I Ever Have”
Peter Fonda – excerpt from “The Wild Ones”
Charlie Chaplin - excerpt from “The Great Dictator”
Alan Livingston – “Sparky’s Magic Piano”
Embrace – “All You Good Good People” (Orchestral Version)
NWA – “F**k The Police” (Edit)
The Universal Studios Tour Album (excerpt)
Derek & Clive – “Hello Colin”
Mixed & Edited & Slaved Over @ Boat Drinks! HQ
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