Thursday, January 13, 2011

Boat Drinks! - The Mixtape - Vol. 4

"...I mean's not "Gone With The Wind"...but there's probably a moral in there somewhere..." Banksy

The 4th installment. More rubbish. Will it never end? : )


Banksy - "...Excerpt From "Exit Through The Gift Shop"
The Beatles - "...Excerpt From A Bbc Radio Interview"
Jimmy Buffett - "Boat Drinks"
Heath Ledger as The Joker - "...Excerpt From "The Dark Knight"
Jon Heder as Napoleon Dynamite - "...Excerpt From "Napoloeon Dynamite"
Kings Of Leon - "Closer (Boat Drinks! Re-Edit)"
Banksy - "...Excerpt From "Exit Through The Gift Shop"
Geoffrey Sumner - "Rehearsal Sequence ("...This Is A Journey...")"
James Earl Jones as Darth Vader - "...Excerpt From "Return Of The Jedi"
Jim Carrey as Lloyd Christmas - "...Excerpt From "Dumb & Dumber"
Will Ferrell as Mugatu - "...Excerpt From "Zoolander"
Ivor The Engine - "Ivor The Engine"
Matthew Broderick as Ferris Bueller - "...Excerpt From "Ferris Bueller's Day Off"
Nick Frost as Ed - "...Excerpt From "Shaun Of The Dead"
Yoda - "...Excerpt From "The Empire Strikes Back"
Kid Koala - "...Excerpt From "Start Hear"
Geoffrey Sumner - "Rehearsal Sequence"
The Creators - "Kronkite (Boat Drinks! Edit)"
Banksy - "...Excerpt From "Exit Through The Gift Shop"
Terry - "...Excerpt From "Exit Through The Gift Shop"
Kwes./[O=O] - "Moonshining"
Dr. Jack Van Impe - "Marked For Death"
Jai Paul - "BTSTU"Osymyso - "Pat ’N Peg (Boat Drinks! Re-Edit)"
Unknown Artist - "My Name Is...Frank Butcher"
Adam Buxton & Garth Jennings - "Pirate Interruptions"
Patrick Watson - "Hommage"
Rudyard Kipling - "If…"
David Holmes - "Slash The Seats (Slash The Beats) (Boat Drinks! Re-Edit)"
Various - "Hater"
Mike Myers as Goldmember - "...Excerpt From "Austin Powers - Goldmember"
Al Pacino - "Inches (...Excerpt From "Any Given Sunday")
The James Gang - "Ashes, The Rain & I"
Michael Jackson & Vincent Price - "Thriller Voiceover out-takes"
James Blake - "Limit To Your Love"
Jamie Woon - "Night Air (Ramadanman Re-Fix)"
People Like Us - "Swinglargo"
Unknown Artist - "Armageddon!"
Underworld - "Dirty" (Boat Drinks! Re-Edit)"
Maya Angelou - "On The Pulse Of The Morning"
Jessica Hynes (née Stevenson) as Daisy - "...Excerpt From "Spaced"
Coldcut - "Your Time Is Up..."
D.E.A - "F**king C**t"

Mixed @ Boat Drinks! HQ

: )

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Boat Drinks! - The Mixtape - Vol. 4 by Boat Drinks!

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