Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Boat Drinks! - The Mixtape - Vol. 3

"...can I get ...any of you c**ts ...a drink?..." Ed

I wanted to do mix exclusively using tracks from film soundtracks. I imagine it will be the first of many, I have so much great stuff to use. There is something magic that happens when you put the right piece of dialogue on top of the right piece of music...


"Dialogue From "Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead"
"Dialogue From "Goodfellas"
David Holmes - "Rip Rip" (Boat Drinks! Re-Edit) ("Out Of Sight")
Lalo Schifrin - "Scorpio's View" ("Dirty Harry")
Dialogue From - "Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels"
"Dialogue From "Dirty Harry"
David Shire - "The Taking Of Pelham 123"
"Dialogue From - "Hot Fuzz"
Simon Park - "Figment's Park" ("Dawn Of The Dead")
"Dialogue From "Shaun Of The Dead"
I Monster - "The Blue Wrath" ("Shaun Of The Dead")
"Dialogue From "Shaun Of The Dead"
Unknown Artist - "Star Wars In 30 Seconds"
John Williams - "Duel Of The Fates" (Dialogue Version) ("Star Wars Episode I - The Phantom Menace")
"Dialogue From "Star Wars Episode V - Empire Strikes Back"
Percy Faith & His Orchestra - "A Song For Young Lovers" ("Ocean's Eleven")
"Dialogue From - "Ocean's Eleven"
Elvis Presley - "A Little Less Conversation" ("Ocean's Eleven")
"Dialogue From "Kill Bill Vol. One"
Tomoyasu Hotei - "Battle Without Honour Or Humanity" ("Kill Bill Vol. One")
Dialogue From "25th Hour"
Kronos Quartet - "Heat" ("Heat")
Dialogue From "Heat"
Gustavo Santaolalla - "Iguazu" ("The Insider"/"Babel")
Ennio Morricone - "Deborah's Theme - Amapola" ("Once Upon A Time In America")
Thomas Newman - "The Road To Perdition"
"Dialogue From "The Road To Perdition"
"Dialogue From "Jacobs Ladder"
Cliff Martinez - "Is That What Everyone Wants?" ("Solaris")
"Dialogue From - "Meet The Parents"
Starsailor - "Four To The Floor" (Soulsavers Mix) ("Layer Cake")
"Dialogue From "The Long Good Friday"
Francis Monkman - "Theme From The Long Good Friday" ("The Long Good Friday")
"Dialogue From "American Beauty"
Thomas Newman - "Any Other Name" ("American Beauty")
Aimee Mann - "Wise Up" ("Magnolia")
"Dialogue From - "Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead"
Cachao - "Rain, Winds & Reeds" ("Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead")

Mixed @ Boat Drinks! HQ, Hollywood

: )

(click on the big arrow to play and the little arrow to download)

Boat Drinks! - The Mixtape - Vol. 3 "The Movie Special" by Boat Drinks!

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